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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to grow companies

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may be the single best way to grow a company. There is a lot that goes into a successful SEO. It is something that is always changing due to changes in Google's algorithms. We'll discuss some of the methods that we use that are effective to grow your company.

But first, what is SEO?

It is a method used to increase your website's visibility so that customers and prospective customers can easily find you when they type in searches for Google and Bing. The vast majority of pages never make it to the first page on Google. So it's not easy to get there, but we have done so with hundreds of keywords for many different webpages.

A new webpage will rarely start out as the first page on Google. Google's algorithms look for clues as to which pages it will move up in rankings to eventually reach the first page and, even better, the top of the first page. How does Google determine which pages to rank higher than others? The biggest things they look at are:

  • The content on the page
  • The number of quality links to that page or site
  • How many people have read this page
  • How long do the people read the page?

How will SEO get your webpage to Rank High?

You start by writing content that is relevant to the type of audience that you want to attract. This involves researching what types of keywords people search on and writing content that uses these keywords in ways that will captivate your audience and want them to read more. Also, the use of images and some technical SEO optimization of these images can be an important part of the content piece of the puzzle.

Rest Assured that Synergy Growth Partners has years of experience in optimizing your content to attract the right kind of people to your website.

We also have experience in link building to increase the authority and trustworthiness of your pages. You will want to optimize your internal linking and external linking. Internal links are important because they link from one page of your site to another page that might have relevant information that a user wants to learn more about. Internal linking extends the time that people are engaged in reading your web pages. External links are links from someone else's website to your own website. This is important for ranking your site on the first page of Google because Google's algorithm takes into account how many external links there are to your website as a factor in their ranking system.

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