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Video Marketing Firm for Your Business

video marketing for your business

Help your Business With Video Marketing Services

Has your business had a hard time with engagement? Is your webpage unable to hold the attention of your customers? Synergy Growth Partners can help add videos to your website to help stimulate users and prevent bouncing.

Synergy understands that not everyone has the right tools to create videos for their web pages. Thankfully, we offer the tools and services needed to provide your business with high-quality videos on your company's offerings. We start by getting to know what makes your brand unique so that we can adequately capture its essence through the lens. With our state-of-the-art cameras and our team of dedicated experts, we can help bring your company's mantra to life.

We take careful time to not only correctly shoot the players of your company but to edit your videos in a way that will appeal to the attention spans of today's consumers. We have a reliable network of video producers who can do everything from start to finish and have an understanding of video marketing services. Synergy has the in-house talent to plan and execute digital and video marketing campaigns that create brand awareness for anyone interested. We can create:

  • promotional videos
  • educational content
  • entertainment videos
  • Customer Testimonial Videos
  • and more!

Your video will be available to share across all social media sites and can be embedded in blog posts and landing pages. It can be accessed through your desktop at home or on a mobile device while you're on the run. Depending on your budget, we can offer you on-location shoots, explainer videos, video testimonials, vox pops, video blogs, and studio productions. We can even go to your customer's locations to get a video testimonial which you can use to educate and provide a reference for potential customers. Synergy can help your company regardless of its size. Videos can help a small brand to jumpstart or an established brand to continue growing.

Combining Video Production with SEO

Once we have completed your Video we can then optimize it for search engine marketing. We'll research the right keywords to use in a description of the video and pair it with an engaging title. Then we'll do the same for your social media marketing so that your video gets as many views as possible.

Is Video Marketing an Important Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Video marketing's importance continues to grow every year and has done so because of the rise in popularity of social media and the shortening of attention spans. In 2020, 92% of marketers said that video is an essential part of their marketing strategy. Although this number is high, many businesses have an apprehensive outlook on the medium. Don't let your company be the one to fall behind. Synergy has experience working with businesses across various industries like technology, construction, services, healthcare, etc. Our videos will serve as an essential piece of your company strategy to engage with search engine sites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Videos keep users on the page for more extended periods, leading to higher social share ranking and a more substantial search presence. Videos that are embedded in your pages help you to outrank your competitors and will give you the upper hand.

Contact us if you want to grow your business through video marketing in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut. We can help take your business to the next level. Contact us for



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