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Industries that we specialize in

Digital Marketing for Tech Manufacturing services construction healthcare

Synergy Growth Partner helps companies increase their sales and profit through digital marketing in various industries that we have worked with. It helps to have a digital marketing team with experience in your particular industry. This allows us to understand the critical industry terms and position your business to succeed in the competitive online market.

Our team has a background in working with big players in varying lines of work; this gives us the confidence that we can grow your business to wherever you want it to go. We have 20 years of experience working with companies in the industries below:

  • Construction: The construction industry is of great importance, and despite its saturation, Synergy knows precisely how to grow a successful construction company in the present market. We've worked with construction businesses in the lower middle market with revenues ranging from $700,000 up to $50 million.
  • Distribution: Having worked with both national and regional distribution companies, we understand the demands for this industry and can expand your customer bases both within your current targeted geography and outside of it.
  • Healthcare: As a near-recession-proof industry, we understand that the growth potential for your healthcare business is substantial. We have experience working with home healthcare, pharmaceuticals, medical, and other healthcare businesses with annual net income ranging from $250,000 all the way up to $7 million.
  • Manufacturing: In an industry that has seen its ups and downs, Synergy has worked with the best of them. Working with manufacturing businesses ranging from $250,000 to $7 million in overall net income, we know how to grow your company.
  • Services: Synergy specializes in digitally marketing service businesses with annual revenues between $700,000 and $70 million. No matter the size of your services company, we can help grow it.
  • Technology: Our team has had experience with software companies, IT services companies, and other tech businesses that have seen annual revenue in the millions.
  • Transportation: With so many different industries ranging from trucking to taxi service, understanding how to grow in the transportation industry requires a versatile background. Thankfully, Synergy has experience working with transportation companies with annual revenues of $700,000 to $70 million.

Our Methods for Digitally Marketing Your Business

Our hands-on team of digital marketing experts will personally walk you through all of your needs and get you past that point of stagnancy. We use several different tactics to expand your network and generate leads. PPC or pay-per-click works with whatever you are willing to invest and creates a quick turnaround in generating leads. SEO or search engine optimization takes a while to see substantial production but has a high return on investment in the long run. This is used to build an extensive email list and start email marketing. This keeps the leads hot and the brand recognition even hotter.

You may have noticed that our site is riddled with internal links; this is another way of generating traffic and keeping your users engaged while navigating your website. With a higher time of interaction comes a higher chance for returning users, which, in turn, leads to direct searches further down the line.

If you are interested in Search Engine Marketing in any of these industries, please contact us for more information.

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