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Digital Marketing Services to grow your company

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We have a team of Digital Marketing Experts to help you grow your business with the following:

What's the difference between SEO and PPC?

SEO is working on helping your website to come up in organic searches. In comparison, PPC is paying to have your website come up in paid advertising. They both are based on specific keyword searches. There are often 3 or 4 paid ads that come up before the organic search results. If you do things right, you will have results in both PPC and organic search results. This maximizes your chances of someone clicking on a link to your website.

How long does it take to see results with Digital Marketing?

This is a good question, and it depends on what type of digital marketing you invest in.

  • Pay per click (PPC) advertising can deliver results right away.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) typically takes 2-4 months until you start seeing results.

Which is a better investment: SEO or PPC?

It depends on what your goals are. If you want to start generating results right away, then PPC is the way to go. If you are willing to wait, then, over time, SEO will usually deliver a better return on investment (ROI) in the long run.

This doesn't mean that you should abandon PPC over the long term because some PPC ads will come up before even the top result for SEO, so these ads will likely get results in the long term and the short term.

Synergy Growth Partners can help you evaluate how much to spend on SEO vs. PPC. This also varies over time. You want to consistently analyze your results so that you can track what is working the best at any given time. Google's algorithms are always changing, so it pays to have an experienced firm like Synergy Growth Partners that can keep up with the latest trends.

What is Content Development & How can that help me?

Content Development is creating, editing, and publishing content for your website. This can be written content, video content, images, and more.

It's important to have the right content development strategy. The first step is to identify what products or services your company is best at delivering and/or producing. From there, you want to identify the right keywords that people search on when they are interested in finding companies like yours that supply these products or services.

After you've identified the right keywords, then you want to write compelling content that focuses on these keywords. It's important to have the right page title and meta descriptions for these pages so that people will click on your page. Images are important to draw people into your content and keep them reading. Google keeps track of who clicks on your page and how long they stay. The more people that click on your page and the longer they read your page, the higher Google will show it in search results.

Link Building

Link Building is another crucial part of coming up high in organic search results. When you first develop a website, Google has no way of knowing whether your site is important enough to show in their search results. Over time if there are a lot of other high-traffic sites that have a link to your site, then this is an indication to Google that your site is important, and they will increase the rank of your site. Another consideration is to have relevant sites that link to your site and that link with the right keywords. Link Building is the strategy and method that will get other high-ranking sites to link to your site.

Site Speed Optimization

Site speed is an important part of the overall user experience. In addition, it is also critical for ranking well on Google. If your site is slow people will bounce quickly off of your site and Google will take note and decrease your ranking. If you have a WordPress site we can improve the speed of your site as measured by Google's Page Speed analysis tool. This will translate to users staying on your site and more likely to convert to customers.

Video Production

Synergy Growth Partners can create a story about the value you bring to your customers through engaging videos. We can interview your clients and create video testimonials that provide your potential customers with a feeling of security that you can deliver for them. We'll work with you to bring out the best in the products or services that you have to offer.  Videos on your website will also keep people longer on your web pages which will, in turn, lead to higher rankings in google. In addition, we can post your videos on YouTube, giving you more opportunities for marketing traction and lead development. We produce videos at your location in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut.

Website Development

We can develop a brand new website for our in WordPress, which is the most popular CMS there is. This is due to its responsiveness, ease of use, and ability to customize it with multiple themes and plugins.

Logo Development

A crucial part of your brand is having an engaging logo. Synergy Growth Partner can work with you to design the right logo and any custom images that you need for your website.

Marketing Strategies

From our discussions with you about your business, we'll determine what is the best approach to profitably grow your company. After all, it's not just about increasing your leads or revenue. You want to grow your profit. We can help you with this in addition to growing your revenue. We'll help you identify the most profitable business models and approaches to make you stand out in the market.

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