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 Digitally market your construction business

How to Digitally Market your Construction Company

A construction business can always be profitable, but sometimes it's easy to hit the ceiling where you feel like you can't grow anymore. How do you combat that? How can you achieve your company's full potential? Thankfully Synergy Growth Partners has the answers.

During the pandemic, many construction businesses saw a decrease in revenue, but since the lockdown has ended, the industry has seen a significant increase in growth. This increase has resulted in more competition and a need for variability in marketing strategies. Synergy has several different methods of lead generation that combine for an overall productive digital marketing formula. We use PPC (pay-per-click) and SEO (Search engine optimization) to generate traffic on Google, Bing, Yahoo search, and other search engine platforms. In combination with this, we can establish an email marketing strategy to keep the leads hot. For well-established companies, Synergy will combine the newly compiled email list with the pre-existing contact of your company. For start-ups, we can work towards the future and build a substantial network of potential clients.

Boutique Internet Marketing for Contractors

We pride ourselves on being a small, well-oiled firm that can cater to the needs of all of our clients without letting them get left behind. We have worked with a wide variety of construction companies and understand the anatomy of their production. Unlike some larger online marketing firms, Synergy treats every project the same, no matter the type or size of the business.

We can help grow construction companies such as:

  • Land Surveyor Businesses
  • Roofing, siding & General Contractor Businesses
  • Commercial HVAC Companies
  • Flooring Distribution Companies
  • Concrete Pumping Businesses
  • Spray Foam Insulation Companies
  • Energy Conservation, certification, and analysis firms
  • Environmental Remediation Companies
  • Kitchen and Bath Businesses
  • Engineering Businesses
  • Interior Design Businesses
  • Closet and Storage Design Companies
  • Interior Design & Construction Firms
  • and more.

We don't just write our pages to cater towards an algorithm; we also want to keep the user as engaged as possible while doing it. Synergy writes quality web pages that keep your clientele scrolling for longer, creating higher name recognition. We use internal and external links to maintain the flow of your website, helping the user navigate easier without even knowing it. They will rarely have to use the dropdown menu to find what they are looking for. All of this combines to generate direct search traffic down the line and increase the relevance of your construction website on Google and other search engines.

Synergy looks to form a connection with each business we work with so that we can better understand the needs of their target audience and the goals of the owner. We get that each company is different, and we wouldn't design a digital marketing program for an interior design business the same way we would an electrical contracting firm.

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Contact Synergy Growth Partners and start building for the future if you have a construction business that you need help marketing in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, or anywhere in the United States.

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